Upgrading to phpspec 3

Here is a guide to upgrading a test suite or an extension, based on BC-breaking changes made in phpspec 3.

Upgrading for Users

If you are using 3rd party phpspec extensions, you may have to increase the version numbers for those as well.

As PHP 5.5 and below are no longer supported language versions, you will need to upgrade to PHP 5.6 or 7.0+ to use phpspec 3.

Where you have used @param annotations for spec examples, to indicate the required type for a collaborator, you will need to remove these and use explicit typehinting in the method signature instead. For example:

 * @param \stdClass $collaborator
function it_does_something_with_a_stdclass($collaborator)

Change to:

function it_does_something_with_a_stdclass(\stdClass $collaborator)

Extension configured in your phpspec.yml needs to be changed from:

some_extension_config: foo

    - SomeExtension
    - SomeOtherExtension


        some_config: foo

    SomeOtherExtension: ~

Upgrading for Extension Authors

Several interfaces have been renamed in phpspec 3.0. Here is a quick guide to changes you will need to make in your code.

  • PhpSpec\Console\IO is now PhpSpec\Console\ConsoleIO
  • PhpSpec\IO\IOInterface is now PhpSpec\IO\IO
  • PhpSpec\Locator\ResourceInterface is now PhpSpec\Locator\Resource
  • PhpSpec\Locator\ResourceLocatorInterface is now PhpSpec\Locator\ResourceLocator
  • PhpSpec\Formatter\Presenter\PresenterInterface is now PhpSpec\Formatter\Presenter\Presenter
  • PhpSpec\CodeGenerator\Generator\GeneratorInterface is now PhpSpec\CodeGenerator\Generator\Generator
  • PhpSpec\Extension\ExtensionInterface is now PhpSpec\Extension
  • Phpspec\CodeAnalysis\AccessInspectorInterface is now Phpspec\CodeAnalysis\AccessInspector
  • Phpspec\Event\EventInterface is now Phpspec\Event\PhpSpecEvent
  • PhpSpec\Formatter\Presenter\Differ\EngineInterface is now PhpSpec\Formatter\Presenter\Differ\DifferEngine
  • PhpSpec\Matcher\MatcherInterface is now PhpSpec\Matcher\Matcher
  • PhpSpec\Matcher\MatchersProviderInterface is now PhpSpec\Matcher\MatchersProvider
  • PhpSpec\SpecificationInterface is now PhpSpec\Specification
  • PhpSpec\Runner\Maintainer\MaintainerInterface is now PhpSpec\Runner\Maintainer\Maintainer

Some methods have a different signature:

  • PhpSpec\CodeGenerator\Generator\PromptingGenerator#__construct’s third and fourth arguments are now mandatory
  • PhpSpec\Matcher\ThrowMatcher#__construct’s third argument is now mandatory
  • PhpSpec\Extension#load has now an additional mandatory array $params argument.

A few methods have been renamed in phpspec 3.0:

  • PhpSpec\ServiceContainer#set is now PhpSpec\ServiceContainer#define
  • PhpSpec\ServiceContainer#setShared is now PhpSpec\ServiceContainer#define

Other things to bear in mind:

  • PhpSpec\ServiceContainer is now an interface (available implementation: PhpSpec\ServiceContainer\IndexedServiceContainer)
  • PhpSpec\ServiceContainer\ServiceContainer#getByPrefix has been replaced by PhpSpec\ServiceContainer\ServiceContainer#getByTag. Tags can be set via PhpSpec\ServiceContainer\ServiceContainer#define’s third argument